Cookie Cutter Softies – #sasday2016

Welcome to my online tutorial for Coloured Buttons  inaugural  ‘Sew-a-Softie’ day.  Visit Coloured Buttons for a full list of Sew-a-Softie day workshops and tutorials:)

Cookie Cutters

There are lots of great soft toy patterns available today.  Some are free and some are expensive.  Some are simple and easy and some are complex. But you don’t need the latest and greatest pattern or tools to make your own unique toy and have loads of fun at the same time.  

There are lots of things we can use to create a template for a simple toy.  For example, craft stencils or simple line drawings from a childs colouring book – or

** Cookie Cutters **

Cookie cutters come in a huge range of shapes and sizes these days and most of us have some lying around in a draw somewhere, and if you don’t, they are very cheap to buy. 


  • Felt, wool or wool blend is best – Synthetic felt can have harmful chemicals in it.
  • Small amount of fiber fill if you can’t find a small bag of toy filling you can use the filling in a small pillow insert. You can also use wool fiber or some cotton wool.
  • Embroidery threadfor adding decorations, details and joining your pieces together.
  • Things to decoratethis is where you get to go nuts . Here are some examples: embroidery thread, *buttons, *sequins, *beads, ribbon, *safety eyes, *googly eyes …
  • * Please keep in mind that small items like buttons and beads can cause a choking hazard for small children.


  • Cookie Cuttersyou can also use craft stencils or you can download this page of templates for the cookie cutters shapes I used  in this tutorial Click here to download!
  • Sharp scissors fabric scissors are great for cutting the felt if you have them, but remember to use paper scissors to cut out your paper templates.
  • A sewing needle if you are using beads to decorate, check the needle is thin enough to fit through the bead.
  • Something to make your felt fabric pencil if you have one, or regular graphite pencil works great too.  
  • Pins or glue sticknot absolutely necessary, but very helpful😉

Using Cookie Cutters as a template

Heart cookie cutter collage

For a single layer softie like a heart or star, you can trace around your cookie cutter directly on the felt. Cut out 2, decorate with buttons, flowers or embroider a smiley face, then join the 2 halves together with embroidery thread, filling just before you close.

Adapting your cookie cutter

For even more versatility make minor changes to your cookie cutter.  Here are a couple of examples:)

Gingerbread boy

Add clothing …

For something like the gingerbread man, trace around the cookie cutter on a piece of paper. Draw in the shirt,  and pants.   Use these to cut out the separate pieces that will be used to cut out the top and pants from different colours of felt. Then stitch on top of the main body before you join them together.

Click here to see the free tutorial.

Gingerbread girl

Adapt the same gingerbread man cookie cutter to make a girl by simple joining the legs of the shorts across the bottom to create a dress or top and skirt.

Don’t forget to use the whole template with the adaptation to cut out the body too.

EyesEye alternatives

There are many ways to add eyes to your cookie cutter softie – 2 or 3 short stitches with embroidery thread, *safety eyes, *stick-on googly eyes, *beads, *buttons or *sequins.

*These alternatives are not suitable for toys intended for children under 4 years of age.

There are loads of ways you can use cookie cutters to make lots of fun inexpensive toys for yourself, your pets or with your kids.  Here are some examples of other cookie cutter softies …

Cookie Cutter Collage

Click here to download  the PDF templates sheet for these shapes.

Cookie Cutter Tutorial header

I have a step-by-step photo tutorial for the Gingerbread boy in my Free Tutorials – click here to go to the tutorial:)

I would love to see what your cookie cutter softies:)

You can tag me on social media …

And don’t forget to checkout the ‘Sew-a-Softie’ day Facebook group for other online tutorials and workshops that are happening around the world over the next couple of weeks.

Remember to share your softies with us by using the ‘Sew-a-Softie’ day hashtag — #sasday2016


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Sew-a-Softy Day — #sasday2016


Have you heard of ‘Sew-a-softie’ day yet?

Trixie from Coloured Buttons has  July 16, 2016 the inaugural World Sew-a-Softie Day.  

From the beginning of July 2016 people all over the world will be running simple hand sewing softie-making workshops or posting  softie tutorials online.

I will be posting my tutorial on the July 3rd.

For more information, check out Trixies ‘Sew-a-Softie’ announcement here. 

To join the ‘Sew-a-Softie’ day Facebook page and keep up to date with all the workshops and tutorials , click here.

To be notified when my tutorial is available, signup to receive email notifications (in the sidebar) plus follow me on Instagram and Facebook. 

And don’t forget to use this hashtag to search social media …


Here’s a sneak peek of what I will be doing😉


Update: Ps … there are prizes too – see this Facebook post for details:)

Update:  Here is a list of all the tutorials for the Sew-a-Softie day with the dates they are available  :)

July 2 Maggy Woodley
July 5 Hilarie Wakefield Dayton
July 6 Sandi Sawa Hazlewood
July 7 MaryAnne Ko
July 12 Rebecca West
July 14 Tracey Witts
July 16 Angie Wilson
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