Free Pattern ~ Sid The Fish



There’s a new fish in town and his name is Sid!

He’s a cheeky little fish made from felt and decorated with a few simple embroidery stitches.  He loves to play with kids, cats and even small dog.

Sid is a quick and easy rainy day project.  Make 1 or a whole fish bowl full with the kids.

Use Sid to make a mobile,  a cat toy or as that something extra to add to a gift.

Click here for the step-by-step tutorial and free downloadable pattern … 



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Introducing McFluffy Polar Bear ~ The Explorer


McFuffy is an exploring polar bear.  He can remember growing up in Scotland listing to his great uncle McScruffy’s stories of his great adventures in far off lands with exotic creatures and fascinating  places.

Now I know by now, you are probably thinking … “um excuse me … polar bears don’t come from Scotland, they come from the Arctic!”, and you are absolutely right, most polar bears do live in the Arctic.  But according to McFluffy, there is a small and very ancient clan of polar bears that live, and have always lived, in the Scottish highlands.

Rumour has it that this clan of Scottish polar bears live some where near Loch Ness and are in fact the ones responsible for the Loch Ness Monster stories.

It is believed that one day, someone almost accidentally discovered the secret entrance to where they live.  In order to keep there little corner of the world from being discovered and over run with tourist and scientist, two young bears took an old Chinese dragon puppet that someone had bought back with them after visiting China, to Lock Ness and pretended to be some mysterious water monster.

Their hope was that it would peak the interests of the stranger  and he would wonder off and away from their home.  They had no idea what a fuss it would cause.

MCFLUFFY-berret-finishedLast week, McFluffy had his coming of age partly.  His mum and dad presented him with is coming of age present – his very own tartan beret, which is, off course, the pride and joy of every proud Scottish polar bear … they never leave home with out it, that’s how you can tell if you are talking with a Scottish Polar Bear.  But it was his great uncle McScruffy’s present he really loved.  It was the journal McScruffy kept while he was travelling. Every page is filled with all the stories he heard growing up.

So, now McFluffy  has set off to have his very own adventures around the world. He has a list of the the fascinating places, and all the exotic creatures, and of course all the people he wants to visit on his journey.  It’s a very long list, but I’m sure I saw your name on there, so don’t for get to keep your eye open for a polar bear wearing a tartan beret     :)


Would you like to make your very own McFluffy to take on adventures.  Or maybe you would like to make a whole bunch to send out into the world, in all sorts of colours [polar bears don't have to always be white, some of them like to dye their hair just like you and I]

Click here to read more about this sewing e-pattern and where to buy it …

Etsy  —  Madeit  —  Craftumi  —  Craftsy — Craftsy

Happy sewing …







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Free Pom-Pom Turorial

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New Tutorial Now Available, plus more …

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Introducing “Karli & Kutta Penguin”, Arctic Friends ~ A New Sewing e-Pattern

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After two months of hard work it’s finally here! My very first soft toy sewing e-Pattern. These “cute & cuddly” guys are listed and ready for you to buy and sew your very own Arctic Friend.    Etsy — Madeit — Craftumi — Craftsy. “Karli & Kutta … Continue reading

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Project 3 ~ The Elephant & Under-body Gussets : (Stuffed Animals: from concept to construction ~ Part 4)

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Wow … March already! Come and see what’s new at Nittens & Patches this year.

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Who Was The Real Santa Claus?

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A few weeks ago my husband handed me this little book opened to a page just over three quarters of the way through  & suggested I read it. The book is called ‘Stories Behind Men of Faith’ by Ace Collins … Continue reading

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The Owl & The Pussycat Went To Sea In A Beautiful Pea Green Boat, …

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